How to Unlock Airtel ZTE MF190 4G Modem Free

How to Unlock Airtel ZTE MF190 4G Modem Free

ZTE Device.

Introducing new device options for EVO & Nitro clouds—Now available in two models each with slightly varying features; so you choose the device that better suits your needs!

  • Connects up to 5 Wi-Fi gadgets/users simultaneously.
  • Device management through online web portal only. Does not offer support for Mobile Wi-Fi Android Apps for device monitoring
  • Support Micro SD card for data storage
  • Can not be used as an external charger to charge up other gadgets

Procedure Unlock.

  • Connect the modem to the computer. If it has any connection software or drivers along with it, make sure to install them. If the installation wizard does not launch by itself, check the computer area for the modem driver and launch it manually from there
  • After installation, close the software that was installed if it launched automatically
  • Further steps require a DC-Unlocker client which you can download here – Always use the latest software release
  • Detect the device by selecting ZTE modems from manufacturer drop-down menu list, select model leaving on Auto detect (recommended), then clicking magnifying glass button
  • Wait till the program detects it

Supported Model.

  1. ZTE AC2746
  2. ZTE AC796
  3. ZTE MF190
  4. ZTE MF180



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