How to Unlock Orange Huawei B315s-607 Version 21.316.01.00.406

How to Unlock Orange Huawei B315s-607 Version 21.316.01.00.406


To unlock an Orange Huawei B315s-607 router with firmware version 21.316.01.00.406, you will need to obtain the unlock code specific to your device. This code can be obtained from the network carrier or a third-party unlocking service.

Methood Unlock:

Once you have the unlock code, you can follow these steps to unlock the device:

  1. Insert a non-accepted SIM card (one that is not from the original carrier) into the router.
  2. Turn on the router and connect to it using a computer or mobile device.
  3. Open a web browser and enter the router’s IP address (usually into the address bar.
  4. Enter the default login credentials (usually admin for both the username and password) to access the router’s settings.
  5. Navigate to the “Advanced Settings” menu and find the “SIM Settings” option.
  6. Enter the unlock code into the “Unlock Code” field and click “Apply.”
  7. The router should now be unlocked and ready to use with any SIM card.

Note: These steps may vary slightly depending on the firmware version and the carrier that locked the device. And also, Make sure you have the right code, or you may end up bricking your device.

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