We can now provide unlock codes for all versions and levels of HUAWEI devices, including modems, MiFis, routers, and phones, using the IMEI number. Unlocking your device using a code is the quickest and simplest way to remove network restrictions. It does not harm your appliance and will not void your warranty. To receive an unlock code, you must provide the 15-digit IMEI number, which can be found by dialing *#06#, checking the device settings, or looking on the back cover or under the battery of modems, MiFis, and routers.

Unlock your HUAWEI device with ease by following these simple steps:

Smartphone instruction:

  1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card (from a different network than the one currently in use) into your HUAWEI smartphone.
  2. A message prompting you to enter an unlock code should appear.
  3. Enter the unlock code provided by “Devicesunlocking“. Your HUAWEI smartphone is now unlocked.

Modem, wifi, or Router instruction:

  1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card (from a different network than the original one) into your HUAWEI modem, Mifi or Router.
  2. Connect the modem, Mifi, or Router to your PC via USB. Your HUAWEI modem, Mifi, or Router is now unlocked.
  1. If you have not already done so, install all necessary drivers for your device.
  2. A message should appear prompting you to enter a network unlock code.
  • If the message does not appear, go to your web browser and enter either or Use “admin” as both the login and password.
  • Look for an option where a request for a network code appears.
  1. Once located, enter the network unlock code provided by “DEVICES UNLOCKING GROUP.”
  2. If necessary, create a new profile for the inserted SIM card. Your device is now able to work on any network and in any country.

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