Oreedo B310s-927 Full Unlock Without Open

Every year Huawei launches new 4G Router to meet the increasing market demand. This time it is Huawei B310. Oreedo, Saudi Arabia has recently launched B310s-927 router which carries a customized firmware. If your Huawei B310s-927 router locked by Oreedo is not asking for the unlock code or your Firmware version is 21.328.01.00.1228 or 21.300.01.00.1228 then this post is especially for you. This method might also work with other firmware versions of the same model.

Unlock Procedure.

Phase I:

  1. Download the Firmware 21.316.01.00.1228 from  and extract it.
  2. Connect the router using LAN cable and open in your web browser. Update your B310s-927 router with the firmware downloaded in the step 1.
  3. Once the firmware is updated, proceed to Phase II.
  4. STC B310 Update 696x335 1
  5. Wait for some time the blue led will turn on. If it doesn’t come up, pull the power cable from the router and put it back.
  6. After a few minutes, you will notice the led will change to a green color. Click on Stop button and close the upgrade tool.
  7. Disconnect everything(Lan and power cable), wait for 15 seconds and connect the router again after inserting a non-Oreedo sim in the B310s-927 STC router. Your router is now unlocked.

Supported Version.

  1. 21.300.01.00.1228
  2. 21.316.01.00.1228
  3. 21.321.01.00.1228
  4. 21.329.01.00.1228


 Kindly select the appropriate network card to which your router is connected using the Ethernet cable otherwise the blue led will not light up.

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