How to Unlock E5573Cs-322 zain saudi arabia 4G Wifi Router

Hi ! Recently  Operator Launched E5573 ( E5573Cs-322 zain saudi arabia) ,Its Really Cool device And Many features inside, And The Network Operator
Launched The New Wifi device with many Attactive Plans and Offers, With contracts, Without contracts, and many data Plans.

How to Unlock Customized Zain Huawei E5573BS-320 Mobile WiFi Router?

  1. Plug In Pc Huawei E5573cs-322 router.
  2. Run the firmware file  E5573cS-322
  3. It will ask a password.
  4. Now, download DC unlocker.
  5. Now type “AT^Godload
  6. DC with commands
  7. Seen In Dc Unlocker Information.
  8. Now, run the firmware of Huawei E5573cs-322
  9. Wait till firmware successfully installs in the device.
  10. You will See all lights are turned ON, including the battery light and network light.
  11. Open a web browser (Any Browser) on PC and browse for
  12. Login to the device router panel (username and password are admin).
  13. your device has 10 unlocking attempts left.
  14. Just enter the correct unlock password on the router and it will be unlocked.
  15. Now Insert new SIM card And Check See The Service.

Note: Don’t try to enter any wrong/free unlock code into the router, otherwise it will be locked permanently.



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