How To Unlock Zantel Tanzania E5573Bs-320 Firmware 21.315.01.00.350

How To Unlock Zantel Tanzania E5573Bs-320 Firmware 21.315.01.00.350



Zantel Tanzania is a leading telecommunications company that offers a wide range of services, including internet, voice, and messaging. The company offers several types of internet devices, including the E5573Bs-320 modem. If you have this device and would like to use it with a different network provider, you will need to unlock it. In this article, we will show you how to unlock the Zantel Tanzania E5573Bs-320 modem.

Unlock Full Method:

Step 1: Check the device’s IMEI number

The first step in unlocking your Zantel Tanzania E5573Bs-320 modem is to check the device’s IMEI number. The IMEI number is a unique identification number that is assigned to each device. To check the IMEI number of your device, you can either look on the back of the modem or remove the back cover and check the label inside the device.

Step 2: Get the unlock code

Once you have the IMEI number, you can now get the unlock code. There are several websites that offer unlock codes for a fee. You can also contact your network provider and request the unlock code. The network provider may charge you a fee for the unlock code, and the process may take several days to complete.

Step 3: Insert a non-Zantel SIM card

Before entering the unlock code, you need to insert a non-Zantel SIM card into the modem. This can be from any network provider except Zantel Tanzania.

Step 4: Enter the unlock code

Once you have inserted the non-Zantel SIM card, you can now enter the unlock code. To do this, connect your modem to your computer and open the web interface. In the web interface, you will be prompted to enter the unlock code. Enter the code and click on “OK” to unlock the device.

Step 5: Test the device

Once you have entered the unlock code, you can now test the device with a different SIM card. Insert the new SIM card into the device and connect it to your computer. If the device is unlocked, it should connect to the internet without any issues.

In conclusion, unlocking the Zantel Tanzania E5573Bs-320 modem is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. You will need to check the IMEI number, get the unlock code, insert a non-Zantel SIM card, enter the unlock code, and test the device with a different SIM card. By following these steps, you can unlock your device and use it with any network provider.

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