Zong 4G Bolt+ MF920w+ Unlocked Without Open


MF920w+ 4G.


ZTE MF920W+ is an LTE Category 4 mobile hotspot that supports a download speed to 50Mbps and an upload speed to 20mbps. It is so popular that is sold by most of the popular network providers in locked status. ZTE MF920W+ can be unlocked using a correct Unlock/Without NCK code. Once it is unlocked, it will work with any SIM in any part of the country and worldwide.

How To Unlock This Device?


  1. Removed Sim In This Battery Again On Device And PlugIn This Cable.
  2. Instal Zong 4g driver And Open This Device IP Adress
  3. After Web Page Open Type admin if prompt to enter the password.
  4. And Install SimpleManually Zte And Huawei driver. 
  5. Device Manger Open Check Huawei Or ZTE Port 2 Ports ON.
  6. Direct Flash File Write. Some Time Wait And Full 100% Flash
  7. Some Time Wait Automatic Webpage Open and All Sim Worked.
  8. Now Insert Sim
  9. 1st Reset Device And Beeline Driver Install In Pc.
  10. Automatice Web Page Open Your Device Done Full Unlocked.


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